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Custom Websites

Simplify your current work-flow.

Convert your current waiver to a digital form, saving you time and money.

Minor age restriction capability.

Set minimum and maximum age restrictions to prevent non-qualified participants from completing waiver.

Customized to your business.

Full capability to customize your waiver with videos, polls, graphics, etc.


Approved by The Health Department.

Save time presenting your waivers to health departments during inspections.

Search and find waivers with ease.

Each submitted waiver is labeled with client info to make searching for waivers quick and easy.

Access waivers from any location.

All waivers are stored in a cloud-based drive to be accessed no matter where you are.

Your business deserves a great domain name.

You choose the domain name, and we handle the rest.

Learn and grow with your business.

Receive analytics about website traffic and visitor behavior.

Target your audience with SEO.

Our basic SEO (search engine optimization) can help potential customers find you in online searches easier.



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