Artist Websites

We offer different packages for artists trying to reach their demographic and expand their client base.  All our packages come with standard SEO to help boost your Google presence, a privacy policy, Analytics, a color scheme of your choice, custom designed graphic banners for your style.

Use your existing domain, or have us set one up for you.


Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us and we can work with you on a custom package!

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The Gold Package

The Gold package includes all of your content separated into three parts-

a home page, a gallery page, and a contact page.  Your home page will display a custom designed banner, your biography, and your portrait.  Shop photos and your art can be displayed on your sit; these images can be shown in galleries or used to create your banners. You-Tube videos can also be embedded in your website. *This package includes up to two custom banners.

*The number of banners varies depending on the amount of content you share with us.

The Silver Package

The Silver package displays your content on a scroll through design.

This package is designed on a single page with a blog like style.  The sleek design is easy to navigate with all your information easily accessible on the same page.   The Silver website includes one custom designed banner to fit your style, your artist biography and portrait, your tattoo portfolio, and contact information for you and your shop.  The Silver package does not offer galleries for your art or shop photos but they can be used to create backgrounds or banners.


Google Ads

Have us set up your online advertising on a platform with Google.  Reach your customers in the moments that matter. Help your customers find you. Pick your budget and show your ads locally in targeted areas.


Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. When you upgrade to our plus package we will extensively tag your website. All photos will get individually tagged with descriptions, your name, shop name, and social media tags to make sure that when Google crawls your website you will be as high up on their search engine as you can be.


We know you're busy.  Just fill out our questionnaire and we will handle the rest.  We pull the best photos from your social media accounts to create your portfolio, as well as describe your style to write your biography. Reeper pulls all the content for your website, all you have to do is tell us what information you want displayed.

E-Gift Card

Sell Electronic Gift Cards through your website.  They are easy to redeem and are processed through a secure payment provider.  Gift Cards are a great way to get people into your shop.  There are small fees on gift card purchases, but you can decide if you want to pay the fee or have the purchaser pay it.


Sell all of your merchandise right on your website.  All payments are processed through a secure third party vendor.  Display your art, pins,

 t-shirts, stickers and more.  Set your own prices and customize your shop.

E-Gift Cards + Webstore Bundle

Get a special bundle price when you purchase a webstore and electronic gift cards for your website.

Consultation Form

Have your clients fill out a request for an appointment online, create a questionnaire with all your important questions.

Receive the questionnaire via email  whenever there is a submission.

Paypal Integration

Take deposits or payments from your website and have the payments deposit directly into your Paypal account.

Custom Email server

Look more professional with an email address linked to your websites domain managed through outlook.

No more @gmail or @outlook, get an email that is @ your domain to show your professionalism.

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