Waiver Form Application

Collect and Manage all of your clients waivers and information in an easy-to-navigate application.  Forms will automatically back up to a Google Drive, and will be stored on an encrypted back end to access as a backup. We can integrate your forms right into your Mail Chimp service, or send you updated email lists at your request.


Our applications offer easy to use software where your clients can fill out their waiver form and capture their government issued ID right on a shop tablet or their phones. Once submitted they will automatically be filed and saved for easy access. Our software lets you focus on other important things like tattooing, advertising, and customer service.

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Custom Applications

Our custom applications offer a way for you to add personal branding to your waiver system. Get a custom designed background and app icon for your application designed our professional graphics team. Completely customize your questionnaire and terms and conditions questions or use ours.*

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Our subscription applications offer a cost effective way to digitize your waiver forms. The basic design helps us to keep your costs down, and you can upgrade to custom at anytime. Completely customize your questionnaire and terms and conditions or use ours.*

Subscription Applications

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Reeper Tech is owned by tattoo artists and shop owners their shops love their apps! The health department is able to review your forms quicker than before!


Have your customers fill out their waivers electronically, view them through the cloud based storage system, save time and room with our automatic electronic storage system, and export or print your forms if needed!

*Reeper Tech is not legally responsible for making sure your forms are up to your health departments standards.

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